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The following appeared in the Arizona Record on December 11th, 1919:



The Government drew a blank in the first criminal case called in the federal court yesterday in the case of the United States versus Dea Gin Foo, charged with offering a bribe to a Government officer, when Judge Sawtelle took the case from the jury and instructed them that a verdict be returned in favor of the defendant.  Only one witness had been examined when the case was dismissed.

The information alleged that Dea Gin Foo offered Immigration Officer Hanna $500 for the return of certain papers which Hanna had confiscated from Dea's apartments.   Inspector Hanna testified that Dea offered him $500 and the latter promised to deliver the money to Hanna's room in the Murphy Hotel.  Mr. Hanna reached the point in his testimony where he related the incident of Dea coming to the room and Hanna asked Dea if he was still wiling to give him the money for the papers.  At this point Judge Sawtelle stopped the hearing and took the case from the jury, stating that the circuit court had previously ruled that where a Government Official incites bribery a defendant cannot be held on a bribery charge.  The court held that inasmuch as Inspector Hanna prompted Dea to pay the money at his room, and in the presence of witnesses, that Hanna incited Dea to bribery.  Judge Sawtelle then instructed the jury to return a verdict of not guilty in Dea's case.

Dea Gin Foo was represented by Attorney Charles Rawlins of this city and John L. McNab one of the leading attorneys of San Francisco.  The case attracted unusual attention in view of the prominence of the Chinese and his long residence in this district.

Inspector Hanna was offered the alleged bribe by Dea after he had confiscated some papers relative to the entry of another Chinese to this country.  The contents of the papers are not known, but it is surmised they contained important data relative to one of Dea's countrymen whom the inspector alleged was in this country illegally.  Inspector Hanna still retains possession of the papers and unless another inofrmation is filed against Dea Gin Foo, the papers and alleged bribe money will be returned to Dea.

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