paper son

<<written & performed by byron yee>>

The Toronto Sun, Friday, July 3, 1998

New faces making mark at the Fringe

By John Coulbourn

. . .While we're on the subject of new faces, you might want to stop by the Helen Gardiner Phalen Playhouse to check out Paper Son, a show by stand-up comic Byron Yee, who's here all the way from San Francisco to take part in the Fringe.

Don't do it for Yee, however, but rather for yourself, because his a lovely, thought-provoking and at times very funny show.

After growing up in Oklahoma the son of immigrant Chinese, Yee relocated to the city by the bay to try to make a go of it in showbiz.  His first audition call required him to have a Chinese accent -- something his Oklahoma childhood hadn't taught him.

Nonetheless, the experience launched launched him on a voyage of discovery to uncover his roots and a story that's been played out millions of times on this continent.  Theatrically, Paper Son is amiable but all over the map, but the charm and ease of Yee's performance manages to carry the day.

Incidentally, he still can't do a really believable Chinese accent.

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