paper son

<<written & performed by byron yee>>

I have had so much help in developing and performing this show.  These are some of the people that have contributed so much in helping make Paper Son successful.

Amy Freed was a Pulitzer Prize Finalist in Drama for Freedomland and is the author of numerous plays such as "The Beard of Avon" and "The Psychic Life of Savages".  She is currently on the faculty of Stanford University teaching acting.  Amy was my defacto dramaturg during the early development of Paper Son in 1997.  I was fortunate enough to take several playwriting courses from her at ACT in San Francisco and her expertise and skill helped me get the show to stage.

Anne Marie Scheffler is a Toronto based actress who befriended me at the Victoria Fringe Festival in 1997 and took me under her wing.  She convinced me to come to Canada to do the Fringe Circuit in 1998 where I was able to further develop and tune my show.  She created the "Norma" trilogy and is currently performing her latest show "Not Getting It".  I cannot thank her enough for her support, love, and guidance in getting my show to stage.

Josh Kelling is my former and current producer who convinced me to try a legitimate run in San Francisco where Paper Son ran for three and a half months.  He is the driving force in getting Paper Son to Los Angeles and beyond.

Cliff Osmond is a veteran character actor and director who is my acting coach and friend.  He has tried to take a stand-up comedian with horrible habits and to make an actor out of me.  I appreciate his patience.

John "Hutch" Hutchinson is the former manager of the Punch Line in San Francisco.  His encouragement and faith in the show was most appreciated.

Charlie Varon is a noted playwright and solo performer based in San Francisco.  He continues to teach workshops and perform out of The Marsh in the Mission District of SF.  His patience and insight helped me take my first steps in doing solo performance.

Scott Maudsley is a Toronto based actor who I talked into becoming my stage manager at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 1999.  He took the big leap with me when we took the show over the pond.  We survived the Seattle Fringe together and I got to perform in his hometown of Sudbury, Ontario which I have very fond memories.

Rick MacPherson is a Winnipeg based theatre professional whom I met in Edmonton and he convinced me to bring the show to Winnipeg.  He served as my stage manager at the 2000 festival where I had my greatest box office success. 

Lawrence Radecker and Katie Hemmeter are San Francisco based actors who were part of the producing team that put Paper Son on in San Francisco.  Little did they know how much work would go into it but they took on the challenge and helped make it a success.

And so many others who've been there along the way:  Christina Augello and Richard Livingston at the Exit Theatre in San Francisco, Steve Nielsen, Don Kamp, Anne-Liese Juge, Janet Munsil at the Victoria Fringe, Carla Befera, Jimmy Gunn, Liz Mattos, Doug & Marissa in Edmonton, and Larry "Bubbles" Brown.

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