paper son

<<written & performed by byron yee>>

On July 20th, 1920, Dea Goon Foo is called to testify at the Angel Island Immigration Station in the case of Yee Wee Thing "as to his right to be and remain in the United States."

Thru the course of testimony, Dea Goon Foo makes the following statements and accusations:

  • "I want to give testimony to show that this brother of mine, Dea Gin Foo, was a smuggler of Chinese into this country because he had wronged me by refusing to pay me some store rent due me. When he was arrested by the Tuscon Immigration office last year as a smuggler or the man who had sterred this Soo Hoo Kay into the country in violation of the Law, he engaged Attorney McNab of San Francisco as his Attorney and won the case.  Since then he told me that he would have no use for me any more because he had gotten this man Soo Hoo Kay into the country to help him in this business."
  • "My brother, Dea Gin Foo, told me that he had secured a Yee-family man to claim Soo Hoo Kay as his son in order to get him admitted into this country.  He was admitted into San Francisco by fraud, that is, he claimed to be the son of a Yee-Family man and gained admission as the so of a native when, as a matter of face, his true name is Soo Hoo Kay."
  • "My brother himself told me that, he said - 'Now that I have gotten my relative by marriage, Soo Hoo Kay, into the country to look after my business here, if you have anything to do, go ahead and do it.'"
  • "His grandfather, Soo Hoo Moon Jim, is a well known character in the Hoy Ping District; at the time I departed for China on my last trip, Soo Hoo Moon Jim was the President of the Hoy Ping Protective Association in Chuck Hom Market."
  • "My brother wanted to make use of Soo Hoo Kay's grandfather's influence for protection in china and for such consideration he wanted to do Soo Hoo Moon Jim a favor by assisting his grandson to this country."
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