paper son

<<written & performed by byron yee>>

On September 13, 1923, Yee Wee Thing is issued this certificate allowing him to visit China and return to the United States.

"This is to certify that the person of Chinese descent named herein, and whose photograph is attached, under the signature of the investigating officer and under my signature and seal to the above application, has filed in my office the duplicate of this application and evidence in corroboration of his claimed American citizenship.  Upon his return to this port and his identification as the person to whom this paper thus approved is delivered, he will be permitted to reenter the United States unless pending such return it has been found that his claim is false."

Yee Wee Thing returns to the United States on May 19, 1925 and states that he married and had a son.  Later he claims that a second son was born to him after he left China.

Yee Wee Thing never returned to China after that trip.  He passed away on November 13, 1953 in New York City.

Yee Wee Thing is buried in the Evergreen Cemetary in Brooklyn, NY. Legend has it that when he was buried, on his tombstone was his paper name but in Chinese was written his real name "Seto Kay". Relatives who where fearful that the US Government was coming into Chinese cemetaries late at night and photographing tombstones to see if the English and Chinese names, destroyed his original tombstone. The tombstone has been replaced twice. His resting site is in the Nain portion of the cemetary near Celestial Hill #1 where many older Chinese gravesites are located. In the lower right hand side, you can see it is in spot #1260.

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