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On October 24th, 1919, H.B. Hannah files the following report:

While at Globe, Arizona, last month the writer was informed by several Chinese more or less unfriendly to the Dea Gin Foo faction that the young boy working at the Sang Tai restaurant there known among the Chinese as "Ah Kay" (holding certificate of identity No. 24376  in the name of Yee Wee Thing, Yee Guey, alias Yee Moon Lai) is in fact the true son of DEA NGEE SING, alias Gee Sing, holder of certificate of residence No. 119650, the head cook at the Sang Tai restaurant owned by Dea Gin Foo.

Inspector Chas. F. Sensner of the Bowie station reported in his letter to this office of Dec. 5, 1917, concerning Yee Wee Thing,""Such information as I was able to gather indicates that he is more closely associated with with Gee Sing, alias Dea Ngee Sing, holder of C/R #119650 in the first name, who is a cook at the Sang Tai restaurant, than with any other person.  It is not improbable that he is in fact the son of this man.""

The writer noted at Globe that Dea Ngee Sing and Yee Wee Thing occupied the same room in the rear of the Sang Tai restaurant and that there was a strong family resemblance between the two.  A statement was taken from the boy and transcript in quintuplicate is handed in herewith.  It will be noted that he claims to have been sent by his father (Yee Guey) from San Francisco about a month after his arrival in this country to his father's friend Dea Ngee Sing at Globe, Arizona, being conveyed from San Francisco to Globe by one Hui Gin (our file No. 1521/219 and 1522/598).  It is also interesting to note that while the boy claims to receive letters often from his alleged father he was unable to give me his father's address, stating that he always threw the letters away or tore them up, etc.  Dea Gin Foo in his statement to the writer at Globe on the 15th ultimo (our file No. 1522/601) states that the boy arrived at his "rooming house" and asked for a room, saying that he had come to Globe to attend school (the boy was then 10 years of age).?  Dea Gin Foo, it will be noted avoids connecting the boy in any mannter with any Globe Chinese.

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