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  Resources for finding records in the National Archives:  For Chinese immigrants entering the United States as late as 1940's, records of arrivals and interrogations may exist in the National Archives of the United States.  Start here to begin your search.

Cover - Chinese Immigration and the Chinese in the United States

Angel Island Links:  The Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation is a 501(c) non profit organization dedicated to preserving the historic barracks where the Angel Island poems remain.  Find out more at

Angel Island is accessible by ferry from San Francisco, Sausalito, and Tiburon.  To find out more about this California State Park, please go to  Also check out the California State Parks webpage on the Immigration Station at .

An oral history project has been started by Lydia Lum.  Check her out at  .

In 1999, the National Trust for Historic Preservation named the Angel Island Immigration Station as one of the 11 Most Endangered Historic Sites.  Read more about it at: .

In 1917, the Women's American Baptist Home Missionary Society published this booklet about the processing Chinese immigrants at Angel Island.  Click here.

A very interesting  photographic archive from the California State Parks - State Museum Research Center can viewed at here .

More on the Angel Island poems here .

If you ever visit Ellis Island, I'm featured in a short video about finding your heritage.  Here's a direct link to a webpage that features my story:

Purchase "Island: Poetry and History of Chinese Immigrants on Angel Island, 1910-1940" by Lai, Lim, and Yung.

Acting Coach:  Cliff Osmond is a veteran actor, writer, director, and producer who starred in Billy Wilder's "Kiss Me Stupid" and "The Fortune Cookie".  Cliff teaches in Santa Monica, San Francisco, and Dallas.  Visit his website at: .

Creative Friends:  Throughout my travels, I've met many fantastic people.  Please check out their endeavors.  

Tanya McQueen is one of the new designers on "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition":

Michael, Chris, and Howard Meehan - SF based sketch comedy done by three brothers:

Paul Bates and sidekick Doug Morency are the oldest father/son musical duo in the biz:

David Gallagher & Brady Lea - weird & offbeat web stuff:

Beth Mann - the most twisted and talented creator of "Titsy the Clown" :

Johnny Steele - former SF Comedy Competition Winner (yeah, about a decade ago):

Will Durst - foremost political humorist working today:

Don McMillan - another SF competition winner and fellow engineer:

Tom Rhodes - from "Mr. Rhodes" fame on NBC and a great comic:

Anne-Liese Juge - writer/performer of "Ego Rites":


Jonna Tamases - a phenomenal solo show, now playing in LA:

T.J. Dawe - Toronto & Vancouver based solo artist/playwright/actor:

Mark Richardson & Dave Pearce - recently paroled, still in Toronto:

June Melby - spoken word artist and another fellow engineer:

Bobby Slayton - the Pit Bull of Comedy:

Jim Short - SF based comic by way of Texas & Australia:

Barry Lank - Half of the funniest duo I've ever seen:

Barry Weintraub - political satirist who's having a nervous breakdown with W in office:

George Lopez - great guy who made it:

David Feldman - he's impotent:

Acting Resources:

The Actor's Network is a phenomenal resource for LA based actors:

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