paper son

<<written & performed by byron yee>>

On September 13, 1919, H.B. Hannah, an Examining Inspector from the Tucson Office of the INS, interrogates Yee Wee Thing for a second time.  The tone is very harsh and accusatory.

In the interrogation, Yee Wee Thing says he was sent to Globe, Arizona after staying in San Francisco for only a month.  His explanation was "Shortly after my arrival at San Francisco, there was fighting among the Chinese Secret Societies, and my father said it would not be a safe place for me, and to come to Globe and go to school."

He is sent alone to a place where he has no relatives and knows no one.  He stays with a man named Dea Gin Foo who operates a laundry and a restaurant.  Yee Wee Thing works in the restaurant.

The Inspector asks if he is known by the name "Ah Kay" but Yee Wee thing replies that it's only a nickname.

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