paper son

<<written & performed by byron yee>>

Seto Family circa 1920's (click on photo to see larger photo)

As a kid growing up in Oklahoma, I knew very little about my father's side of the family.  I remember asking about where he came from but he never talked about it much and I didn't care to pursue it.  As a result, I never had much curiosity about my heritage until the events in "Paper Son" unfolded.

This photograph was taken in the 1920's in my father's village.  My father is the second child seated on the ground from the left.  His grandfather (my great-grandfather) is the elderly man seated furthest right.  Seated next to him is his wife and to her left is his second wife (better known as the concubine).

Of the two gentlemen wearing western styled clothing on the right side of the picture, the man on the left is Yee Wee Thing.  Through documents uncovered in the National Archives of the United States, I was able to uncover the story of my father's journey to America.

The paper trail of documents begins in chronological order with the files of Yee Wee Thing and Yee Bing Quai on the menu to the left.  I have attempted to cover the relevant points and I hope it gives you the flavor of how Chinese immigration was viewed during this time period.

I have posted over twenty pages from my father's file including his full interrogation available in PDF. CLICK HERE FOR THE INDEX OF PDF'S FOR YEE BING QUAI'S EXCLUSION ACT CASE FILE.

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