paper son

<<written & performed by byron yee>>

On July 20th, 1920, Immigrant Inspector H. B. Hannah describes the attempt to locate Dea Gin Foo to interview him about Yee Wee Thing.  Hannah notes the paper trail and points out inconsistencies in Dea's testimony.

Hannah concludes, "As Dea Gin Foo admits that he and his brother Dea Gin Foo, are not on good terms, due to his brother not paying him a certain amount of money while he figures was due him, it would seem that not much credence can be put in the testimony he gives today.  The witness today makes reference to Dea Gin Foo having been arrested in Tucson in connection with the smuggling of Soo Hoo Kay but states that he was eventually discharged."

Yee Wee Thing is allowed to stay in the United States.

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