paper son

<<written & performed by byron yee>>

On March 2nd, 1920, the INS received the following letter:

"To the Tucson Immigration Office.


Am sending you this letter today for no other reason than to inform you that one Dea Gin Foo, a resident of Globe, has been assisting people to gain illegal entrance into the United States.  There is now in Globe, in the Sang Tai restaurant, working as waiter named See Hoo Kay.  He came to the United States on a paper which he bought, and admitted as a son of native.  His real name is See Hoo and is not Yee.  He is a grandson of Dea Gin Foo's wife's people.  I can testify to that fact; I can testify to the place wher he belongs, his village, and whose son he is.  If you have authority to deport him back to China, I am willing to serve as witness.  If you need me to testify you will furnished me my railroad transportation then I will surely come, and give testimony before court.  You arrest and bring See Hoo Kay to Tucson then I will testify, but not in Globe.  With kind regards.

-- Dea Goon Foo"

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