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On January 18, 1938, Yee Wee Thing swears out an affidavit in Boston, MA that he is the father of Yee Bing Quai and that he wishes his son to enter the United States of America.

Boston, Massachusetts
                                                                   January 18, 1938.

I, Yee Wee Thing, being duly sworn affirm and say that I am a

citizen of the United States of America;  that I am the holder

of a Certificate of Identity No. 24376, issued to me at San

Francisco, California, November 22, 1916; that I am the father

of Yee Bing Quai;  that the photograph hereto annexed marked "A"

is my photograph;  that marked "B" is the photgraph of my son

Yee Bing Quai;  that I amke this affidavit to facilitate the entry

of my son to the United States of America.

                                                            Yee Wee Thing

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 18th day of January, 1938.

                                                             Katherine Flynn
                                                               Notary Public

                                                                       Please enter
                                                                       appearance of
                                                                       E.F. Damon, Atty.
                                                                       99 Chauncy St.,
                                                                       Boston, Mass.,
                                                                       and notify him
                                                                       upon arrival of

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