paper son

<<written & performed by byron yee>>

Byron Yee is a Los Angeles based comedian and actor.  He has appeared at the proverbial "clubs and colleges all over the country" and has been seen on Comedy Central's Two Drink Minimum and NBC's Friday Night.

Byron was born in Wichita, Kansas on November 4th, 1961.  His family moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma shortly after that and then to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1965 where he considers "home".

Bing Quai Yee was a geologist for Exxon and went where the oil was.  Rosalind Yee taught elementary school for a while before staying at home to raise Stewart, Byron, Corinne, and Allison.

Byron attended D. D. Kirkland Elementary School, Hefner Junior High, and finally Putnam City High School where he graduated in 1979.  He went on to the University of Oklahoma where he graduated in 1983 with a BS in Chemical Engineering.  Coincidentally in that year, he began stand-up comedy at Joker's in Oklahoma City.

Because of the oil bust at the time, Byron was unable to find work as an engineer so he did the normal menial jobs while pursuing stand-up.  He performed all over the country from the Comedy Corner in Dallas to the Comic Strip in New York to the Improv in LA.

In 1986, Byron went back to school to get a 2nd BS in Computer Science, fully intending on moving to New York to be a geek by day and comic by night.

L to R: Corinne, Mom, Stewart, Dad, Byron (not pictured - Allison).  Probably taken around 1965

Comedy Day at Golden Gate Fields,
San Francisco, 1995

But as fate so often intervenes, he was offered a job as an IBM Marketing Representative in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Bowing to familial pressures (Mom), he spent three years there before finagling a transfer to San Francisco where he could continue his day job and be a comic by night.

Byron arrived in San Francisco in February 1990, just four months after the Loma Prieta earthquake.  He began performing out of the legendary Holy City Zoo and graduated into the bigger clubs in the Bay Area.

Along the way, he got his (hopefully) final degree, an MBA from the University of San Francisco.

Byron's television appearances include "Two Drink Minimum with Jake Johannsen" on Comedy Central and NBC's Friday Night.

After establishing himself as a San Francisco comic, Byron began work on "Paper Son" in 1996.  It premiered in 1997 at the Victoria and San Francisco Fringe Festivals and went on throughout the United States, Canada, and Scotland.

Byron now lives in Los Angeles.  He is pursuing his artistic ambitions and continues to hold onto his day job.
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