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Below are PDFs of my father's Chinese Exclusion Act Case File. Each PDF is about 6MB so be patient if you are downloading. If you are using these for research or a class paper, I'd appreciate it if you could shoot me a note at . With Exclusion Act Case files, you can view any file that is older than 75 years old at the various Regional Archives.

(1) Affidavit - Before my father can come to the US, his "father" swears in an affidavit that this is his son and he would like to bring him ot the US. There is a photo of both the father and son (in reality, brothers).

(2) Interrogation Page 1 - My father is described physically and he is asked his name and date of birth. The examining officer is Charlles E golding, the recorder is Marion T. Lovett, and the interpreter is David Lee.

(3) Interrogation Page 2 - My father is asked about his brother and "alleged" father. He also reveals he has never seen his father except for a small photograph that is hanging on a wall in his house.

(4) Interrogation Page 3 - He is asked about his father's brothers and sisters (uncles and aunts).

(5) Interrogation Page 4 - He is asked about his mother.

(6) Interrogaton Page 5 - He is asked about his school.

(7) Interrogation Page 6 - He is asked to draw a map of his village. He describes his house as begin five rooms and built of cement. This becomes an issue later.

(8) Hand Draw Map of Village - A map drawn by my father of his village. This was frequently done to try and find inconsistencies in testimonies.

(9) Interrogation Page 7 - He is asked about the village, a river that runs by it, and where the closest market is.

(10) Interrogation Page 8 - He is asked about a Jew Gong Fook who is there to testify in his behalf. Jew Gong Fook had visited the village to give him money for his journey to America. The initial testimony is concluded.

(11) Interrogation Page 9 - The "alleged" father, Yee Wee Thing, begins his testimony. He is asked his occupation and where he lives.

(12) Interrogation Page 10 - Yee Wee Thing isasked about the affidavit and sending money to Hong Kong for the applicant. He is asked more details about his son, wife, family, and village.

(13) Interrogation Page 11 - Yee Wee Thing is asked about his "brothers and sisters" and about his parents.

(14) Interrogation Page 12 - Yee Wee Thing is asked about his wife and his wife's brothers and sisters.

(15) Interrogation Page 13 - Yee Wee Thing is asked about his village and the house he owns there. He says the house is made of burnt brick which does not match up with my father's testimony. He is accused of lying.

(16) Interrogaton Page 14 - Yee Wee Thing is asked more about his wife and the investigation in Globe AZ that occurred twenty years earlier.

(17) Interrogation Page 15 - He is asked about Jew Gong Fook who will be testifying later who can corroborate this testimony.

(18) Interrogation Page 16 - Yee Wee Thing's testimony ends and Jue Gong Fook's testimony begins.

(19) Interrogation Page 17 - Jue Gong Fook testifies that he travelled to China and met my father as a young boy. He is asked about Yee Wee Thing's wife.

(20) Interrogation Page 18 - He is asked about the house and he replies that he thinks it is made of burnt brick.

(21) Interrogation Page 19 - My father is re-examined about the house and thinking quickly, he says the outside of the house is made cement and the inside is made of burnt brick.

(22) Interrogation Page 20 - The examiner makes his report and decides that there is not enough evidence to exclude my father and he is allowed to enter the United States.

(23) Interrogation Page 21 - The examination is signed by Charles E Golding and Marion T Lovett.

(24) Certificate of Identity - My father is issued his certificate of identity which shows he is allowed to be in the United States.

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