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2500/11904........5........June 15, 1938.


Q.  What is the style of her mother's feet?
A.  She has natural feet.
Q.  What were you doing in China before coming to the U.S.?
A.  Attending school in CHUCK HOM, Market HPD, China.  I began at the age of
      10 and continued until the end of the 12th month of CR 26 and since
      I left school I remained at home until I came to the U.S.  I always
      attended school in CHUCK HOM Market.
Q.  Why did you attend school in CHUCK HOM Market?
A.  Because school was not held in HIN Village.
Q.  How far and in which direction is CHUCK HOM Market from HIN Village?
A.  A little over a li, west.
Q.  Is there any name to the school in CHUCK HOM Market?
A.  it is called the HIN NGIN school.
Q.  Where did you sleep while attending school?
A.  At home.
Q.  What was your teacher's name at the HIN NGIN school?
A.  I had 2 teachers. SOO HOO TON, and GON YUNG MING, at the school.  I do not
      know where they came from.
Q.  Does the name of the school in CHUCK HOM Market appear anywhere on
      the building?
A.  Yes, the name of the school appears on a wooden sign which is above the
      main door.
Q.  Describe the HIN NGIN school.
A.  It is a 1-story burnt-brick building with two outside doors, one facing
      the front and one facing the west; there are four rooms in the building;
      each room has a red-tile floor.  It occupies about 2 house lots.  As you
      enter the building through the front door you come into the classroom;
      then there is an open court in the center of the building, and in back
      of that open court is another class room.  On each side of the open court
      is a partitioned room which some of the pupils use for sleeping purposes.
      Only one of the teachers, SOO HOO TON, sleeps in the school.  He occupies
      the partitioned room at the east side of the building.  the other teacher,
      GON YUNG MING,  sleeps some other place in CHUCK HOM Market.
Q.  In what classroom did you attend school in that building?
A.  In the classroom in back of the open court.
Q.  Did your alleged brother attend school with you in CHUCK HOM Market?
A.  Yes, he started to attend school in CHUCK HOM Market in the same school
      that I did, when he was 10 years old; and he was still attending school
      there when I left China.
Q.  Did he attend school in the same classroom as you did?
A.  No, he attended school in the front classroom.
Q.  Did he have the same teachers you had?
A.  Yes, he had the same teacher that I had.
Q.  How does that happen?
A.  Each teacher goes from one room to the other on different occasions.
Q.  How is it that your alleged brother did not attend school in the same
      classroom with you?
A.  I suppose because I was older the teacher put me in the rear classroom
      and my brother in the other classroom.


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