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2500/11904........2........June 15, 1938.

 A.  My mother told me that HIN Village, HPD, China was about 35 lis from
      LEN MEE Village, SHD, China, but she did not tell me what direction it
Q.  Have you ever been back to LEN MEE Village, SND, China, since your family
      moved from there when you were 3 years old?
A.  No.
Q.  Can you read?
A.  Yes.  (Reads Chinese test card 1-C).
Q.  Have you ever before applied for admission to the U.S.?
A.  No.
Q.  Before leaving China, did you apply at any American Consulate for an
      Immigration Visa?
A.  No.
Q.  Who paid your passage to the U.S.?
A.  My father.
Q.  To whom are you destined?
A.  To my father, YEE WEE THING.  He lives in New York.  I don't know his address.
Q.  How much money did you have on your arrival in the U.S.?
A.  Ten dollars, American money.
Q.  Were you accompanied by any on on your journey to the U.S.?
A.  No.
Q.  Have you ever had any brothers or sisters?
A.  I have one brother, no sisters.
Q.  State the name, age, birthdate, birthplace and present whereabouts of
      your alleged brother?
A.  YEE GEN GONG, 14 years old; born CR 14-11-12 (Dec. 27, 1925) in LEN MEE
      Village, SND China, but he is now living in HIN Village, HPD, China.
Q.  Did you alleged brother ever come to the U.S.?
A.  No.
Q.  What are your father's names, age, and birthplace?
A.  YEE WEE THING, given name; YEE LAI TOM, marriage name; 33 years old;
      born in LEN MEE Village, SND China.
Q.  When did your alleged father first come to the U.S.?
A.   I do not know.  He came before I was born.  (See San Francisco file 24212/2-4).
Q.  Has your alleged father made any trips to China since he first came to
      the U.S.?
A.  I have never seen my father - my mother told me that he returned to the
      U.S. in CR 14.  (San Francisco file 24212/2-4).
Q.  If you have never seen your alleged father, how do you recognize the
      photograph attached to the affidavit which you present, as being that
      of your alleged father?
A.  YEE MON TOY of the JEW THIN NGIN Store, Bonham Strand, Hong Kong, gave me
      the affidavit when I went to Hong Kong on my way to the U.S.; and he told
      me that that was a picture of my father.
Q.  Did you ever see any photograph of your alleged father prior to the time
      you saw the photograph attached to the affidavit?
A.  Yes, there is a bust photograph of my father, dressed in American clothes,
      enclosed in a frame with a glass front, about 6 x 8 inches, whihc is
      hanging on the back wall of the center room of my house in HIN Village, HPD,
      China.  That photograph of my father has been hanging there as long as I
      can remember.  My mother told me that it was a picture of my father which


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