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Immigration and Naturalization Service
District No. 2

2500/1194                                                                                                                                         East Boston, Mass.
1/14 Ex SS YARMOUTH-CPR                                                                                                        June 15, 1938
May 12, 1938, Boston, Mass.


In the matter of                  *
YEE BING QUAI                *
Applicant for admission to  *
the United States as the      *
Son of a citizen, YEE WEE   *
THING.                                 *
(Chinese)                            *

Inspector Charles E. Golding                                                     Examining Officer

Clerk Marion T. Lovett                                                                   Recorder

David Lee                                                                                       Interpreter

APPLICANT presents as a means of identification
affidavit executed by his alleged father, YEE
WEE THING, at Boston, Mass., on January 18, 1938,
before Katherine Flynn, Notary Public.  To this
affidavit are attached two photographs which the
applicant identifies as those of himself and his
alleged father, YEE WEE THING.

DESCRIPTION: Age, 15 years; height, 5' 5-1/2",
American shoes; Occupation, student; Marks:
Scar, in hair, right side of neck; pit about
three quarters of an inch above inner corner
of right eyebrow; small scar about two inches
above outer corner of right eyebrow; line scar
right side of neck, about one-inch and a half
below ear; group of pits, left side of jaw;
other marks.

APPLICANT - duly sworn - testifies:-

Q.  What are all your names?
A.  YEE BING QUAI, given name;  only name I have; I have never been married.
Q.  What are your age, date and place of birth?
A.  15 years old; born CR 13-10-21 ( Nov. 17, 1924) in LEN MEE Village, SND, China.
Q.  Have you always lived in that village and are you now coming from there?
A.  No, when I was 3 years old our family moved to HIN Village, HPD, China,
      and I am now coming from there.
Q.  How far and in which direction is HIN Village, HPD, China, from LEN LEE
      Village, SND, China?

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